Monthly Archive: January, 2015


Cosplayer: KAL Cosplay Photographer: Cosplay Corral Advertisements


Cosplayer: Deadp00lMtac0  


Cosplayer: Khainsaw Photographer: Riamux Creations

INTERVIEW: Norse Dance Party Cosplay

The Work of Norse Dance Party Cosplay has long been ajoy to feature and we’re delighted to give her a chance to talk about her adventures in cosplay. After reading, make sure you… Continue reading


Cosplayer: Ewuss Photography: Wellferine

Black Canary

Cosplayer: JusZ Cosplay Photographer: Houng Taing Photography

Black Cat

Cosplayer: Cosbabe Photographer: Annie Fischinger Fotografie 

Submitted Cosplay: Midknight Cosplay

Want to follow an awesome cosplayer? Take a look at these Poison Ivy & Angel photos submitted by Midknight Cosplay and give your support by liking his pages! Facebook / Twitter / Tumblr… Continue reading


There is no greater honor than having the chance to Interview one of your favorite cosplayers and Vicky-Vic is a fantastic cosplayer from Australia. As a certified nurse she doesn’t just cosplay heroes,… Continue reading


Cosplayer: Heaven And Sky Photographer: Stex85