Monthly Archive: March, 2015


Cosplayer: Lunagabriella Advertisements


Cosplayer: Roby Dee Photographer: Tony Julius


Cosplayer: Wolverine T78A Sosie Photographer: Zaz Pictures

Black Widow

Cosplayer: Jerikandra Cosplay Photographer: Bill Hinsee Photography

Silk Spectre

Cosplayer: FaradaySings Photograher: Heulangel

Cosplay Submission: UltraGirl Cosplay

The amazing duo of UltraGirl Cosplay recently submitted us some photos of their cosplays and they were so amazing we just simply had to share them all. Go follow their work at Facebook,… Continue reading

Sailor Venus

Cosplayer: EvRah Cosplay Photographer: Maruska Photography


Cosplayer: Catastrophe Photographer: La-Clover

Sailor Jupiter

Cosplayer: SoSo Cosplay Photographer: Jimmy


Cosplayer: Andy Rae Photo: ZRB