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Celty Sturluson

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INTERVIEW: Caroline Cosplay

She’s one of the best Psylocke cosplayers currently in the cosplay community and we were extremely fortunate to have the chance to interview her. Caroline Cosplay has been cosplaying the deadly telepathic ninja for… Continue reading

Slave Leia / Elsa

Cosplayer: Maid of Might

INTERVIEW: Tala’s Cosplay

She’s one of our very favorite cosplayers and her skills and talents with costume creation is unparalleled. We were incredibly lucky to have the chance of asking Tala’s Cosplay some questions about her… Continue reading

Commander Shepard

Cosplayer: Nebulaluben Photographer: Jesus Clares


She may be new to the cosplay community but G&C Cosplay have been producing some outstanding content recently, here she talks about her adventures in cosplay so far. How much research do you… Continue reading


Cosplayer: ElyRenae Photographer: M9 Cosplay Follow us on Facebook, tumblr or Twitter, Send us your Cosplays!


Cosplayer: Leeanna VAMP


Cosplayer: Norse Dance Party Cosplay  Photographer: Sasha Pedro